“The Tide That Binds”

The tide that binds hasn’t always had its place. How many souls must be lost in a mesh of forsaken words or unable to turn a page? The backlash of others where it didn’t have its place told tales of a thousand words in oblivious attempts to hinder the suffering of their own souls. A thousand words too many came from a forsaken place or unable to turn a page.

Words warrant to another didn’t have its place. Countless times in the ruins of chaos, the mighty tongue of another sliced at the hearts of others unable to turn a page while souls of others battled to find its place.

Chaos at its best becomes words of many. Ten folds too many words so to speak. Turning a page with the mass of many becomes the ultimate destruction that turns tides into withered storms. The backlash of a storm at its best becomes a category 5 and a chaotic rumpus turns nights into days. How do words that carry no merit among  tides wither away to a forsaken place?

A backlash of ten folds continues to carry on at its best while the tide finds comfort in a chaotic mesh at its best. Back and forth the words of haste continue barreling down at another. Over and over words began to stumble over one another. Fumble back and forth; stamping on everything in its path.

Rampage carries on, cursing back and forth to any forsaken ear that would quiet ones mind. Mass destruction at its best will cycle any which way it can go. Chaos at its best will continue slamming a book shut and unable to turn a page.

A fierce haste in the eyes of another is damaging at its best. Pacing back and forth, slamming doors till ears burst!! Foul a mood with their vigilante ways. Slam a book shut or slam a door any which way it will go. The fury blood of another condemns hatred of others. How long must rage carry on till the voice of another is truly heard?

Poor souls who wither away with haste condemn their own souls. Falling silent behind every door slammed; slamming a book shut or tears a page. Souls that are damned in a fiery rage cannot soothe their own souls. One can slam a thousand doors or burn a book to prevent it from turning a page and still not be heard from within.

The mind of a chaotic rumpus is a silent destruction and unable to voice its troubled soul or turn a page. A mind that races with time unable to neither slow itself down, nor can it quiet itself till the soul truly understands itself.

The rage; those cycles may be repetitive at its best. Turning a page may have falling still at its best. The rage within one while slamming doors cannot be heard. One can slam ten thousand doors and still not be heard. Walk a plank or pace back and forth only to ravage the tide at its best. Throw a thousand loose pages from a book into the tide that binds and still fall silent, unable to be heard.

The chaotic ruins within can only reflect from the view of one’s own eyes. The heart falls silent from emotions stirring up inside.

To slam one door at its best won’t quiet a withering soul….

Copyright © 2014 by Marsha Beede

All Rights Reserved.

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In the mist of all things



In the mist of all things,

I will remain strong even when I feel I may lose my strength.

I will devour upon my own emotions,
wash away anything that keeps me meek.

I will carry my voice louder than ever heard,
so that I may hear my own subtle words.

I will be kind to myself even in times that
I am weak, when I look down upon myself.

I will rise above my own ashes,
awaken upon my soul and soothe the core within me.

No one can make me stronger than I can make myself.

If I look the other way,

Please do not be discouraged

Whereas I didn’t,

I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today
to walk away from things that do me more harm than good…


Copyright © 2015 by Marsha Beede

All Rights reserved