“Above All”


I enjoyed creating this song and lyrics. I have a profound hearing loss. Therefore the precision and focus it took to make this soft-spoken lyrics into harmony required me to utilize other senses. Sense of touch, vibrations and determination play a primary role to this harmonic rhythm and help from few friends and family that gave helpful suggestions. This is a form of music/lyrics called spoken words.


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“A Chilling Desire of a Savior”

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In an unforeseen havoc of rune ….

The ground beneath our feet ravel the gravel below

Overwhelming thoughts that consume the core within us begin to form

To reach upon others where their souls suffer, just as our souls suffer too

To make up for our loss or emptiness; an empty attempt to soothe others

One where we cannot soothe our own souls

The capacity within us becomes an eternity of an endless drive that overpowers us

We lose sight of our own anguish by replacing it into others

We diminish within ourselves this forsaken pain

We place this loss in a reach beyond our own means

Yet, leaving our souls still feeling empty

We can rationalize this place, still feeling within ourselves

That saving others will not diminish the pain that still lingers

In an endless journey we seek in ourselves to fulfill our burdens of truth

To take away this pain our souls cannot withstand

Only to learn through transparency

That saving others will not rid this void of despair 

Until one finds what will soothe ones forsaken soul


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