What’s This Life For?

Intuitive thoughts meet conscience state of mind.
#mindfulness We’ll said by this writer.

Jean (Rhymoreason) Powell

We are all born innocent. We remain innocent until one person changes that. Why are we put here if all we feel is heart ache? What is the purpose of our life? Was it in God’s plan for me to go through such pain? Or was it God’s plan for me to comfort someone going through the same pain I have already triumphed?
I’d like to think that is my purpose is to comfort others who are expierencing the same hurtles I’ve already successfully leaped over. The one thing I have found to heal is to change my mindset to I am just as worthy as everyone else. Therefore I must learn skills to heal and stand up to those who have caused me trauma.

Using my confidence to speak out to that one person who has impacted and dragged me down gives me freedom and heals my soul. Not…

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