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Only available in metropolitan Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota MeetUp as well are nonprofit. The Go Fund Me is to support donations so that we may continue to serve our communities with opportunities to learn at no cost nonprofit contributions for miscellaneous material and beginners modules.

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How Far Will You Go? Beginners Module For Web Design 

How far will you go?

Short Introduction for beginners module 1 based on “30 second rule” in marketing strategies. Whereas, this is all it would take for someone scroll on by or view your website and lose interest.

If you’re looking to learn to guide with self-help tools, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like putting your own efforts into all your hard work. The results will be much more rewarding when one has the ability to understand how websites function. What makes a website tic? Where is all the traffic coming from? What role do analytics play in a website?

Finding the answers to these questions can be like a needle in a haystack, except there’s no hay to be found. This can happen to many when their isn’t a clear understanding as to how one got there in the first place.

In this booklet style module there will be “key factors” that will demonstrate certain criteria to help establish the best options on how to build your own website. Key factors will be broken down so that you may have the ability to get started on your website without the hassle of trying to learn at an accelerated rate. You’ll have the ability to scroll through many computer index definitions, guided from page-to-page; to self-guide through computer terminology, lingo, and abbreviations…

This module is available in paperback with large fonts making reading more accessible.

This Module is currently only available to Minnesota residents in the Twin Cities Metro MeetUp wish to take lessons through nonprofit group.

As we continue to expand our services and portfolio at je-mar.com, more investment options will become available.

Module is not available on Ebooks To learn more follow https://je-mar.com