How Far Will You Go; Beyond Chartered Territory in Recruitment Agencies 

I would like to thank everyone who has shared my new book. It’s times like now where economic growth has been reshaped to modernize in ways where at times things do not appear as they may seem.

Clearly statistics show unemployment rates have fallen but in this book one will discover as to why more people don’t qualify for unemployment, how being employed by recruitment agencies factors into these problematic flaws.

More people on disability are losing their SSDI due to being employed by recruitment agencies. Without understanding facts on “How Ticket Back to Work Program” works for those on disability, this leaves them prone to vulnerabilities.

Sadly many are referred to recruitment agencies by government unemployment agencies with little or no information on their “Ticket Back to Work Program” status and how it works.

Sustainability; attainable stability and financial security must be achieved for one can be successful on “Ticket Back to Work Program” and this is seldom found through recruitment agencies.

(This graph demonstration is provided online by American Staffing Association) 

How Far Will You Go? Purchase Ebook to learn more.

Available only on Amazon Kindle ebooks

In this book one will begin to explore findings and possibly prevent friends and love ones from making life changing mishaps by being proactive with awareness.

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