Amazon Strategic Planning has Wal-Mart Scrambling 

It’s been a year since The New York Times article on Amazon was written and it appears The New Your Times has hit the bullseye right on target.

Amazon’s strategic moves have Wal-Mart strategizing counterproductive measures to maintain their 20% consumer market values. Amazon has expanded their visionaries, yet seductive mission statement aimed to place them as top contender with an overzealous, crude at times marketing strategies.

But at what cost for those employed at Amazon one must ask. Very little is exposed behind-the-scenes in distribution centers and what it takes to meet Amazon’s mission statement. As Amazon continues to triumph, conquer and divide, employees may feel the bruising. You’ll either learn to love Amazon or hate them as employees feel the impact of Amazon’s rigid counter moves as it creates tension in the work place environment.

Amazon is known to use a high ratio gravity of recruitment agencies to fill in gaps, strategizing and compensating on high rollovers through Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing throughout the United States.  It will be interesting to see what Wal-Mart’s strategic move will be because it appears as Amazon may have Wal-Mart on the run like a chessboard game…

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