Circulating Topic on Blue Collar Workers Needed in Hurricane Relief; Smokescreen Syndrome Effect

Marsha Beede

Today’s topic on #Bluecollarworkers on LinkedIn and Twitter is notable and a worthy topic, but also a smokescreen. 

Recruitment Agencies are a prime example of problems with solid, sustainability, accountability and taking advantage of American workers.

All this talk about needing blue-collar workers for relief efforts for hurricane reconstruction and restoration work isn’t difficult to achieve. This is not about lack of blue-collar jobs that are undesirable to American workers. What blue-collar workers want is fair wages and gainful employment.

This graph shows one of the biggest factors that hinder gainful employment abilities for Americans in blue-collar jobs. Recruitment for blue-collar is on a slithering troll of deceit and employers (clientele) are just as responsible for this devastation in deficit in employed blue-collar workers.

It is an unfortunate example of temporary job placements that simply will not suffice.  We’re talking about a multibillion dollar industry on the rise that lacks…

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