Circulating Topic on Blue Collar Workers Needed in Hurricane Relief; Smokescreen Syndrome Effect

Today’s topic on #Bluecollarworkers on LinkedIn and Twitter is notable and a worthy topic, but also a smokescreen. 

Recruitment Agencies are a prime example of problems with solid, sustainability, accountability and taking advantage of American workers.

All this talk about needing blue-collar workers for relief efforts for hurricane reconstruction and restoration work isn’t difficult to achieve. This is not about lack of blue-collar jobs that are undesirable to American workers. What blue-collar workers want is fair wages and gainful employment.

This graph shows one of the biggest factors that hinder gainful employment abilities for Americans in blue-collar jobs. Recruitment for blue-collar is on a slithering troll of deceit and employers (clientele) are just as responsible for this devastation in deficit in employed blue-collar workers.

It is an unfortunate example of temporary job placements that simply will not suffice.  We’re talking about a multibillion dollar industry on the rise that lacks initiative; responsibility for gainful and permanent employment for Americans.

If employers want to hire more employees than they need to cut out the bullish recruitment that leads many Americans with a false sense of hope. The lack of help is a smokescreen used to place blame on millennium and generations to come. I’ve seen this happen too many times to fellow Americans. This not something new as recruitment has been around since the 80’s or perhaps longer.

What this blue-collar smokescreen is really about is how to pocket more financial gain for investors; reduce liabilities and benefits for employees that employers do don’t want to pay. Signing on with a recruitment agency minimizes these responsibility to employers (clientele).

At a drop of a coin employer (clientele) can dismiss contract employees without merit and without reason. It is not unusual for clientele to drop contract workers by the mass during times quarterly, monetary gains that aren’t sufficient. They will drop and pick up contract workers during times quarterly revenue change. At times employers know in advance when these changes will accrue.

It’s common for school districts or government to do the same to reduce cost in benefits. However the irony is clientele most often pay recruitment agencies more in monetary to avoid paying out benefits to an employee. But it is just as easy to drop a contract worker without explanation when they’ve fulfilled their contract without an explanation.

Topic #WorkersNeeded

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