Has rhetoric in utterance gone mad?

Are we a product of our own environment?

Marsha Beede


We all seek to answer “why” too many questions we may ponder about during a quest for truth but to understand “why” we must also understand the answer to this is often times implied by in some sort a “version of truth”.

There is so much angry and hatred out there that sometimes is difficulty to withstand. A person’s tolerances will certainly be put on display at times when faced with this profound utterance of noise.

A prime example would be a dear friend of mine sat at a restaurant/bar with a friend of hers who was leaving the state saying “she was fed up with all the violent, rude and abrasive people she encountered.” This woman went on to express a lot of anger, hatred, and discrimination for several hours while slamming down beers. She expressed hatred towards just about every race, religion and ethnic background; discrimination towards LGBT…

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