Breaking Down the 1.3 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill and Tariffs in Laymen Terms

Congress passed a 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill that will begin to EXPIRE IN 6 MONTHS (September 30th 2018) — but surely the militarily budget that received by more than half of the 1.3 trillion dollar spend is covered for 2 years. Congress now has until September 30, the end of fiscal year 2018, to pass new legislation authorizing spending for the beginning of fiscal year 2019.

About six months after that, in March 2019, the debt limit — which was suspended under the February 2018 spending deal will become unsuspended and will need to be either suspended again or raised. Nothing good can come from this other than inflation will go into full force…

Hikes in everyday products through American spending; everyday purchases, the debt fallout becomes turbulent and stocks become unstable due to deficiet. These consquences can be felt when inflation in individual purchases increase, interest rates on mortgages, individual loans and taxes become unstable and inflation in the United States Treasury Department become unmanageable by reckless deficits through lawmakers govern by congressional delegation; House and Senate leaders we as American Citizens voted into office.

Let’s not forget that it is vital for Americans to vote because it becomes the decision of American Citizens whom fall when State Elected Representatives and/or Delegates lay their cards down through Electoral College (Senate Delegates) to choose Presidential Candidates to place into leadership of American Citizens. Each State has a certain amount of Delegates (Senators) whom chose solely by those Electoral Votes with their preferential choice; whereas with most certainty, not by American Citizens preferential choice.

Lastly, an increase tariffs in the China trade war reeks considering China holds one trillion in US bonds.

Therefore if China chooses to release even a fraction of those bonds and return them to the United States Treasury Department, we as Americans will feeling this impact tremendously in such vile ways.

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