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Sisters Love

#sisters #poetic

Marsha Beede

Through my rocky rigid ways…
My once shard love
As my guiding angel of soul
She has shown love through the barriers
She has seen my formidable place
And shattered that wall with grace

The grace of a sister’s love
Has never lost this insane place
In the mind of a chaotic rumpus
In an unfortunate place of becoming
Her love was always recognized…

》》》Just as her soul followed me everywhere.It was her love I felt while I sensed her presence. My soul would embark throughout life’s journey like the rushing currents of a rivers mighty flow.

Life sent me treading water through the currents of mighty rivers. At times life’s mighty rivers unraveled through dangerous storms.

I swam through the currents of rushing water. The glitter sunlight would blind me as I swam upstream far too many times.Days of dismay sent me through flash floods I couldn’t have possibly…

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