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I would like to thank everyone who has shared my new book. It’s times like now where economic growth has been reshaped to modernize in ways where at times things do not appear as they may seem.

Clearly statistics show unemployment rates have fallen but in this book one will discover as to why more people don’t qualify for unemployment, how being employed by recruitment agencies factors into these problematic flaws.

In this book you’ll find various chapters with insight inserted within a collection of stories of individuals and their experiences working with recruitment agencies.

You’ll find written content regarding people with disabilities whom are losing their SSDI due to being employed by recruitment agencies without understanding certain criteria and/or facts on how “Ticket Back to Work Program” works for those on disability; a flawed system that leaves many prone to potential loss and vulnerabilities.

As ironic as it may seem many are referred to recruitment agencies by government unemployment agencies and/or vocational rehabilitation representation with little or no information on their “Ticket Back to Work Program” status and how it works. The downfall of basic knowledge within recruitment agencies leaves many with disabilities blindsided when referred to recruitment agencies. After all there are no guarantees for permanent job placements as many are told employment opportunities are possible temp to hire with merely the most plausible explanations of potential hire along with a collection of disclaimers and contracts to sign.

Sustainability; attainable stability and financial security must be achieved for one to be successful on “Ticket Back to Work Program” and this is seldom found through recruitment agencies.

Written by Marsha Beede

All Rights Reserved


“Parallel Waterfront” is live on Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Parallel Waterfront is live on Barnes & Noble Nook,Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Summary Introduction:

“Scarlett as everyone called me came from a nickname I’d come to be known as there were times I found myself wandering from my home day or night without so much as a thought placed into my actions. My actions drifted into somewhat of a parallel relativity while on automatic pilot. Some would say I carried myself through life-like a scar on the meadows jagged edge, past due beyond the shadows of gravesites; clinging onto things never intended by others to withstand.

While my mind had become captured in a place of distortion wondering about my husband Jake and a tragic car accident he had succumb to on a cold winter day; it is there in a hospital he laid motionless in a coma, whereas I found my mind trapped in a parallel abnormalities; tranquilized in states of doubt subconsciously. It would be those shadows of doubts that lingered everywhere I went as everything in my life laid in limbo or parallel to unfortunate circumstances.”

Marsha Beede

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