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Has rhetoric in utterance gone mad?


We all seek to answer “why” too many questions we may ponder about during a quest for truth but to understand “why” we must also understand the answer to this is often times implied by in some sort a “version of truth”.

There is so much angry and hatred out there that sometimes is difficulty to withstand. A person’s tolerances will certainly be put on display at times when faced with this profound utterance of noise.

A prime example would be a dear friend of mine sat at a restaurant/bar with a friend of hers who was leaving the state saying “she was fed up with all the violent, rude and abrasive people she encountered.” This woman went on to express a lot of anger, hatred, and discrimination for several hours while slamming down beers. She expressed hatred towards just about every race, religion and ethnic background; discrimination towards LGBT communities. This friend who sat there to send her angry friend a farewell goodbye without contempt while listening to the hatred and madness received a personal blow to the head too. While as abrasive as this woman was she attacked her friend who came to say farewell with much discrimination and hatred too. This farewell became a colossal mess of angry utterance.

To understand anger one must understand primary and secondary emotions as this example was simply not about what was going on in the world but rather a reflection of how she perceived things to be. Sadly, leaving the state isn’t going to solve her anger because for this to be possible she would first need to run from herself; her emotions.


Primary emotions,

Primary emotions are those that we feel first, as a first response to a situation. Thus, if we are threatened, we may feel fear. When we hear of a death, we may feel sadness. They are unthinking, instinctive responses that we have.

Typical primary emotions include fear, anger, sadness and happiness (although it is worth noting that these can also be felt as secondary emotions).

The problem sometimes with primary emotions is that they disappear as fast as they appear. Their replacement by secondary emotions complicates the situation, making it difficult to understand what is really going on.

Secondary emotions,

Secondary emotions appear after primary emotions. They may be caused directly by them, for example where the fear of a threat turns to anger that fuels the body for a fight reaction. They may also come from more complex chains of thinking.

Secondary emotions may be simple feelings or may be a mix as more emotions join the fray. Thus news of a wartime victory may start with feelings of joy, but then get tinged with sadness for the loss of life.

As we begin to explore other emotional oppositions…

The word “Utterance” is also “Rhema” in Greek

Rhema (in Greek) literally means an “utterance” or “thing said” in Greek. It is a word that signifies the action of utterance.

In philosophy, it was used by both Plato and Aristotle to refer to propositions or sentences.

In Christianity, it is used in reference to the concept of Rhematos Christou; Jesus Christ’s sayings.

Utterance in spoken language analysis, an utterance is the smallest unit of speech. It is a continuous piece of speech beginning and ending with a clear pause. In the case of oral languages, it is generally but not always bounded by silence. Utterances do not exist in written language, only their representations do. They can be represented and delineated in written language in many ways.

Utterance may at times mimic sarcasm, lack of filter and blurting out loud; thinking out loud with lack of impulse control or some moral absolute cause one deems fit.

How much does religion factor into emotional and moral entities?


Religion and Absolutism…

Moral absolutism is the ethical belief that there are absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged, and that certain actions are right or wrong, regardless of the context of the act. Thus, actions are inherently moral or immoral, regardless of the beliefs and goals of the individual, society or culture that engages in the actions. It holds that morals are inherent in the laws of the universe, the nature of humanity, the will of God or some other fundamental source.

It is the opposite of Moral Relativism, the position that moral propositions do not reflect objective and/or universal moral truths, but instead make claims relative to social, cultural, historical or personal circumstances. It is related to, but not the same as, Moral Realism (the position that certain acts are objectively right or wrong, independent of human opinion), and to Moral Universalism (the position that there is a universal ethic which applies to all people, regardless of culture, race, sex, religion, nationality, sexuality or other distinguishing feature).

Many religions have morally absolutist positions, and regard their system of morality as having been set by a divinity or Supreme Being, and therefore absolute, perfect and unchangeable. Many Christians regard Christian theology as teaching a hierarchy of moral absolutes known as graded absolutism, where in the case of a conflict between two absolutes, the duty to obey the higher one (God) exempts one from the duty to the lower ones (fellow humans or, still lower, property). Divine Command Theory is an absolutist meta-ethical theory that an act is obligatory if it is commanded by God.

A primary criticism of Moral Absolutism regards how we come to know what the absolute morals are. For morals to be truly absolute they would have to have a universally unquestioned source, interpretation and authority, which critics claim, is impossibility. Why else would there over a thousand different versions of truth to these morality and books of in similar relativity of supreme beings? Of the more obvious criticisms is the sheer diversity of moral opinions which exists between societies (and even within societies) in the world today, which suggests that there cannot be a single true morality.

In versions of truth, psychiatry is just scratching the surface to understand how much scrupulosity may factor into religion, emotional and moral entities. Scrupulosity is categorized as an anxiety; OCD condition in which fear may factor into absolutism. Given the fears within scrupulosity there isn’t an accurate consensus or data to estimate how much this factors into society.


Let’s build a foundation to a better future together


Quote by Malcolm X,

“One of the first things I think young people, especially nowadays, should learn is how to see for yourself and listen for yourself and think for yourself. Then you can come to an intelligent decision for yourself. If you form the habit of going by what you hear others say about someone, or going by what others think about someone, instead of searching that thing out for yourself and seeing for yourself, you will be walking west when you think you’re going east, and you will be walking east when you think you’re going west.”

We are often a product of our past generations through moral absolutism, but I think it’s time to reshape our own intuitive thoughts; take a stance and lead just as many other great, inspiring leaders. Redefine the person you were born to be, lead examples with positive interactions of intolerance because violence begets violence; hatred begets hatred. We need to set better examples for future generations ahead.

“The Bigot Way”

Tina an 11 year old city girl was greeted at the door by a man name Mister Bigot. Her father had left her mom and siblings a year ago and hadn’t been seen since. Mister Bigot told tales of a thousand words when he walked through their front door and her mom sure knew how to make life interesting.

Mister Bigot appeared at door; Tina’s mom greeted and invited him in. Tina’s mom poured him some coffee while he sat on their couch. Mister Bigot asks her mother to sit with him while he asked her some questions. Mister Bigot then asked her mom “are you a Bigot?” Tina’s mom replied “why sir, I don’t know what you mean.” He then turned to her again and said “you cannot join our church unless you are a Bigot. So I ask again, are you a Bigot?” Tina’s mom looked at him and said “no sir, I am not a Bigot, but I can learn to be a Bigot.” Mister Bigot stood up and gave Tina’s mom several magazines to leave around her home to read. He said to Tina’s mom “I will come for another visit in a few weeks.” She thanked him for his time and closed the door behind him.

Not too long after the visit Tina’s started noticing the magazines lying around the house. She turned to her mom and asked “mom, what are these?” her mom replied “it’s for the church I want to go to, so I must study these magazines.” Tina’s responds and says “ooh, ok” and walked away.

One day Tina decides to look at one of the magazines and finds a word she’d hadn’t heard before. While reading the magazine cover Tina said to herself “Pagan, what does that mean?” Tina began looking at the magazine and became confused as she continued turning the pages saying “why are Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and my Birthday called pagan holidays?” But Tina kept her thoughts to herself till one day Mister Bigot came knocking on the door again. Tina’s mom greeted him at the door but only this time he brought two friends with him. All three men came in and sat on their couch as her mom poured them coffee.

The men began to ask Tina’s mom a series of questions. Mister Bigot started by asking Tina’s mom “are you a Bigot?” Tina’s mom responded saying “yes sir, I am a Bigot.” He turned to talk among the other two men he brought with him. One of the men whom spoke wore one of those fancy hats that curved around the top of his head. He went on to say to Tina’s mom “you must never deny a Bigot for I am the pastor, a man and you are a woman, beneath me. You must always obey our rules.” Tina’s mom responded by saying “yes sir.” The third man spoke to Tina’s mom and asked “Bigots only gather among other Bigots, you must never defy this order.” Tina’s mom once again said “yes sir.”

Mister Bigot spoke to Tina’s mom and said “you are single, are you not?” Tina’s mom replied “yes sir I am single.” Mister Bigot spoke and said to Tina’s mom “you must never date outside being a Bigot in our church.” Tina’s mom responded by saying “I understand sir.” Mister Bigot asked Tina’s mom “are your children all of one race?” she spoke and said “yes sir, my children are all of one race.” The second man with the hat said to Tina’s mom “you must never defy this order and bare children outside your race if you want to be a Bigot in our church.” Tina’s mom responded “yes sir, I don’t plan to have any more children.”

The third man spoke and said “what is that you have on your face?” Tina’s mom responded by saying “I am so sorry sir; I meant to take off my makeup. I will do this when you leave.” Mister Bigot spoke again and said “woman, you are a homemaker, a future wife to another. You must always dress like a lady and never defy a man’s order for you are beneath him. Makeup is not allowed, do you understand?” Tina’s mom as embarrassed as she was said “yes sir, I understand.”

Tina’s mom sat on a chair next to these men with a half-smile trying to remain pleasant. Mister Bigot spoke once again and asked Tina’s mom “do you celebrate Pagan holidays?” Tina’s mom spoke and said “we use to sir but I am trying to change my ways.” The second man with the hat spoke up and said “you cannot be a Bigot if you celebrate the devil’s pagan holidays. Are you not a Bigot?” Tina’s mom sighed and went on to say “my children will not understand but I understand this is the Bigot way. For if I am to be accepted as a Bigot I will wash your feet, slave over you and give back to the church because you are Gods work.” Tina’s mom went on to say “I want to go to the Promise Land; therefore I know I must become a Bigot or I will be left behind.”

The third man spoke and said “you will need to learn the Bigot way because only Bigots will make it to the Promise Land. You will pay 1st, 2nd, 3rd ties to the church. We have a collection basket at each service. You will be required to socialize only with other Bigots and spend our Holidays among other Bigots. Someday you will be required to go to church twice in a day and give collection and thank the Lord for his blessings. Once in the church of Bigotry you cannot leave otherwise you will not make it to the Promise Land and you will burn in hell instead for defying the order of things.” Mister Bigot went on to say “your children will need to learn the Bigot way and obey the Elders as they too; your children are beneath him. If your children leave the church, they too will not make it to the Promise Land. Do you understand the Bigot way?” Tina’s mom went on to say “yes sir, but my children, I have no power over their choices they make as they get older. But I will do my best to teach them the Bigot way.”

The three men then spoke among themselves before saying “ok miss, we believe you know the Bigot way, the righteous path to our Lord. We will take you to the place of safety, our Promise Land when our leader says it’s time.” Tina’s mom smiled and said “Ooh praise the Lord, I didn’t want to miss the next train.” The three men stood to their feet and said “pardon me, what do you mean by miss the next train?” Tina’s mom went on to say “I’d been watching your leader preach every Saturday morning on the t.v and I had heard he was a true prophet, the one that would lead us to the Promise Land. He had said his prophecies didn’t come true back in the seventies but he was certain his prophecy would be more precise when time came for us to leave to the place of safety. I figured I ain’t got a dime to my name to add to 1st, 2nd, 3rd ties unless I find myself a Bigot man in the church. The collection box, I thought I’d ask the church to pray to the almighty Lord with me to help feed my children and keep a roof over our heads. So if this makes me a Bigot, then lead the way because I’m tried. I got 5 kids to feed and my arm is getting sore from donating so much blood to put food on the table. I figure those future ties I’ll pay into someday could do some of the Lord’s work by helping a meek and broke mother raise her children. After all, we all Bigots right?”

Copyrights By Marsha Beede (2017)

All Rights Reserved