Learn About Inherited Family Insurance Debts For Those Over the Age of 55

(1) Minnesota Fact on Hospice, In-Home Care and Nursing Homes for those over the age of 55 years of age. While government tax cuts would be awesome it does come with a deficit. You cannot have tax cut without budget cuts.


Minnesota and many other States have passed legislation over the years on State funding for those over the age of 55 whom are in need of long-term care and/or hospice.

While some may be misinformed, that deficit in care through STATE  and FEDERAL funded care CURRENTLY MANDATES FAMILIES to pay the STATE back if YOUR LOVE ONE COULDN’T PAY or INSURANCE didn’t cover cost.

THIS implies that your SPOUSE, your CHILDREN, your BROTHERS, SISTERS and PARENTS inherit the BILL, DEFICIT, DEBT of your love one.


Wake Up America, Tax Reform and Repeal and Replace of Healthcare will add more burden to families under Trump Administration. Get involved, know your rights and pay attention to legislation written on paper, NOT the news media…

P.S. If anyone missed it, President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order to Repeal and Replace and/or change “The Affordable Care Act” himself in the next two weeks…

May God Help Us All and Educate Blinded Fools.

Amazon Strategic Planning has Wal-Mart Scrambling 

It’s been a year since The New York Times article on Amazon was written and it appears The New Your Times has hit the bullseye right on target.

Amazon’s strategic moves have Wal-Mart strategizing counterproductive measures to maintain their 20% consumer market values. Amazon has expanded their visionaries, yet seductive mission statement aimed to place them as top contender with an overzealous, crude at times marketing strategies.

But at what cost for those employed at Amazon one must ask. Very little is exposed behind-the-scenes in distribution centers and what it takes to meet Amazon’s mission statement. As Amazon continues to triumph, conquer and divide, employees may feel the bruising. You’ll either learn to love Amazon or hate them as employees feel the impact of Amazon’s rigid counter moves as it creates tension in the work place environment.

Amazon is known to use a high ratio gravity of recruitment agencies to fill in gaps, strategizing and compensating on high rollovers through Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing throughout the United States.  It will be interesting to see what Wal-Mart’s strategic move will be because it appears as Amazon may have Wal-Mart on the run like a chessboard game…


How Far Will You Go; Beyond Chartered Territory in Recruitment Agencies 

I would like to thank everyone who has shared my new book. It’s times like now where economic growth has been reshaped to modernize in ways where at times things do not appear as they may seem.

Clearly statistics show unemployment rates have fallen but in this book one will discover as to why more people don’t qualify for unemployment, how being employed by recruitment agencies factors into these problematic flaws.

More people on disability are losing their SSDI due to being employed by recruitment agencies. Without understanding facts on “How Ticket Back to Work Program” works for those on disability, this leaves them prone to vulnerabilities.

Sadly many are referred to recruitment agencies by government unemployment agencies with little or no information on their “Ticket Back to Work Program” status and how it works.

Sustainability; attainable stability and financial security must be achieved for one can be successful on “Ticket Back to Work Program” and this is seldom found through recruitment agencies.

(This graph demonstration is provided online by American Staffing Association) 

How Far Will You Go? Purchase Ebook to learn more.

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In this book one will begin to explore findings and possibly prevent friends and love ones from making life changing mishaps by being proactive with awareness.