“Parallel Waterfront” is live on Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Parallel Waterfront is live on Barnes & Noble Nook,Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Summary Introduction:

“Scarlett as everyone called me came from a nickname I’d come to be known as there were times I found myself wandering from my home day or night without so much as a thought placed into my actions. My actions drifted into somewhat of a parallel relativity while on automatic pilot. Some would say I carried myself through life-like a scar on the meadows jagged edge, past due beyond the shadows of gravesites; clinging onto things never intended by others to withstand.

While my mind had become captured in a place of distortion wondering about my husband Jake and a tragic car accident he had succumb to on a cold winter day; it is there in a hospital he laid motionless in a coma, whereas I found my mind trapped in a parallel abnormalities; tranquilized in states of doubt subconsciously. It would be those shadows of doubts that lingered everywhere I went as everything in my life laid in limbo or parallel to unfortunate circumstances.”

Marsha Beede

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When it rains”


When it rains it sometimes pours…


If it were raindrops falling on my head I’d find my friend, my companion, my greatest strength near.


If the rain were steady and thunder cast lightning I’d hear his voice whisper subtle in my ear saying “this too shall pass.”  


Days of thunder can appear with such madness. Whereas he can be found near with such comfort of warm gentle hands, a hug to keep the storms formation away from one’s demise.


Perhaps God’s will silenced the withering storm as it unsurpassed the pastures left behind unscathed. The storm that could have flooded the earth now surrenders to the sound of harmony under a willow tree from afar.


It is there he sat under this old willow tree looking up into the sky as the clouds lifted. The glimmer of sun shines through the scatter clouds as the storm settled embarked onto another journey.


It is there under this willow tree he rested, waiting, anticipating my arrival from afar left undone, dry in the musk left behind.

I walk this distance from afar and sat next to him with my head leaned into his shoulder. I closed my eyes as he placed his hand gently on mine and said “the storm has passed yet another day.”