“Parallel Waterfront” is live on Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Parallel Waterfront is live on Barnes & Noble Nook,Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Summary Introduction:

“Scarlett as everyone called me came from a nickname I’d come to be known as there were times I found myself wandering from my home day or night without so much as a thought placed into my actions. My actions drifted into somewhat of a parallel relativity while on automatic pilot. Some would say I carried myself through life-like a scar on the meadows jagged edge, past due beyond the shadows of gravesites; clinging onto things never intended by others to withstand.

While my mind had become captured in a place of distortion wondering about my husband Jake and a tragic car accident he had succumb to on a cold winter day; it is there in a hospital he laid motionless in a coma, whereas I found my mind trapped in a parallel abnormalities; tranquilized in states of doubt subconsciously. It would be those shadows of doubts that lingered everywhere I went as everything in my life laid in limbo or parallel to unfortunate circumstances.”

Marsha Beede

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